While there is no one size fits all answer, these are good general guidelines.
- Studio apartment: 10–12-foot truck
- 1-2 bedroom apartment: 15-17 foot truck
- 2-3 bedroom house: 20-26 foot truck
- 4+ bedroom house: 26+ foot truck

This is a general estimate of the size truck you will need

- Labor-only: More affordable and a great option for long distance moves. It also allows you to have more control over your move. 

- Full-service: More convenient, but can be a lot more expensive.

-Movers and Helpers will give you a call when they are on the way

- Once we arrive, we will give you another call stating our arrival

-Our crew leader will go over the project details, such as what is being loaded, or what is being unloaded and if there are any special notes

- Our crew leader will the explain our plan for how we will perform the service, or at least initial first steps

-From there our crew will perform our services 

-Payment will be taken after the service is complete

To cancel service, simply give us a call, text or email. You will receive a notification that your order is canceled

You can leave your feedback all across the web! We are on google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram and more!

How much should I tip my movers?

- While tipping is never expected for our service, it is always more than welcome

- Tipping is largely up to you and the quality of service you’ve received.

- On Average our customer tip $5-$10 per hour per mover
- Adjust based on the complexity of the move and quality of service

Some common moving mistakes when using our service are:

-Using odd sized boxes and not moving specific boxes. While this seems like it could save money, it often decreases packing efficiency on the truck, as well as safety of the items in the truck

-Starting to pack the truck yourself can seem like it will save time, but this often can impede our movers from packing the truck the most efficient way

-Going to get the uhaul, budget, or Penske truck late and not letting us know you will be behind schedule. Our time starts on arrival and if you let us know ahead of time, we can often push back. 

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